Stefanie und Bernd Willi Ripp

„The enthusiasm for the beatuy of gemstones seems to lie in oure genes.“

Over the past 45 years, Stefanie and Bernd Willi Ripp have built up their company into what is regarded today as one of the most modern gemstone cutters. ‘The enthusiasm for the beauty of gemstones seems to lie in our genes’, says Bernd Willi Ripp. ‘The proof of this is our ancestor Otto Bengel’s certifi cate of apprenticeship from the year 1910. At that time, he was already an engraver. It fi lls us with pride to continue this generational contract. And it truly is a wonderful vocation to be allowed to work with these beautiful natural products’. One of the entrepreneur couple’s strengths is the direct and very personal relationships they have with the raw stone suppliers all over the world. ‘Almost every day we sift through batches where we have to quickly decide whether or not they are suitable for us. Often we are the fi rst viewers of these pieces. This kind of purchasing behaviour has enabled us to build up a large and rich stock in all colours. This benefi ts us when specifi c colours are on trend, prices suddenly sky rocket or deposits are almost exhausted. Who would have thought back then when I bought these batches that the markets would develop in this way? The materials all used to seem almost inexhaustible to me. It’s a good thing that we always bought something when there was lots of it available on the market. And our purchasing policy has not changed to this day’. Groh + Ripp can therefore draw on a large stock of gemstone varieties that leave nothing to be desired.