Petra Woischny-Bonn

She loves the variety and versatility of her tasks: Petra Woischny-Bonn has been part of the team since 1977

„I enjoy being able to give customers expert and precise answers.“

How did you end up at Groh + Ripp?
I have been part of the team since 1977 and completed my training here when the company was still based in Rhaunen. I was Bernd Willi Ripp’s first trainee, by the way. I’ve been part of the history and the rise of the company almost since the beginning and helped to shape it.

What were the early years like?
We were still a small, but absolutely superb team back then. It was a very family-like atmosphere. Everybody always pulled together, and this is something that has not changed – even though we have grown a bit since then.

What do you appreciate most about the Ripp family?
We are like one big family, I have seen the daughters who now run the company in the next generation grow up. And there’s the technical openness. Bernd Willi Ripp has always been a modern boss, technically very interested. I was the only one in the vocational school at the time who could handle the telex machine – a forerunner of the telefax. We still have cutting-edge equipment at our disposal.

You have now been with Groh + Ripp for more than 40 years. What do you particularly love about your profession?
I like the variety of tasks. And due to my many years of experience, I can provide our customers with expert and precise information in response to almost all questions. It simply gives me pleasure to be able to give the right answers at any time and on numerous topics to boot.