Nicole Ripp

Nicole Ripp’s world is a colour ful one: she is always on the lookout for the most beautiful gemstones – and brings a great deal of passion to the process

„My Passion and fascination for gemstones is both a career and vocation.“

Following an apprenticeship in banking and a degree in business administration, Nicole Ripp was certain of one thing: the world needed to be conquered! She had always travelled a lot and very much enjoyed it – and having a permanent residence was not on the cards back then. About to embark on new adventures and with a packed suitcase in her hand, she talked to her father about initially spending a year working in the family business. A dilemma followed: ‘I wanted to see the world, but at the same time I was attracted to working with coloured stones’, says Nicole Ripp. Her passion for the world of stones outpaced her wanderlust: she joined Groh + Ripp. And stayed in Idar-Oberstein.

Today, the gemmologist accompanies all processes involved in creation, from the rough stone to the polished jewel, and works with the world’s best jewellers on new creations. Collaborating with goldsmiths is particularly close to her heart: ‘The fact that we always advise our partners to the best of our ability is a matter of course for us – no matter what size it is’. She has -not given up her other passion, travelling, either – Nicole Ripp still feels at home all over the world, in Hong Kong for example or Hawaii. Over the years, her love for Idar-Oberstein has increased: ‘I don't want to miss out on the peace and the nature anymore – this place is my place of retreat and my love at second sight’.