Jürgen Brunk

Jürgen Brunk

„What could be more fantastic than these wonders of nature?“

How was your interest in the world of gemstones awakened?
Jürgen Brunk: It has been part of me from the very beginning as here in Idar-Oberstein you can hardly escape from it. In every household at least one family member has something to do with the local industry. And so it was with us: my father was a gemstone cutter. His work with the many different types of stone made a lasting impression on me.

What fascinates you so much about your work?
I specialise in coloured gemstones. At Groh + Ripp, we work with so many different, beautiful gemstones. For me, it’s always really special to be able to accompany the process from the first viewing and sorting of the rough stones to the polished stone. It’s always a rollercoaster of emotions until the stone finally sparkles with its perfect beauty.

What distinguishes your work?
Well, it all starts with the purchase. We travel across the globe, constantly searching for the most beautiful coloured  gemstones. Thanks to our direct contact with local producers and dealers, we are able to secure many rarities. However, a great deal of experience is required to identify the right raw material for the job. You’re already thinking about what could be made from it.

Do you also have an influence on the end result?
Yes, of course. I discuss the steps with the lapidaries and grinders in our manufactory and can thus also influence what happens to the raw material. This often depends on the special wishes of the customer.

Do you also have personal favourites among the coloured gemstones?
During my gemmological training, I developed a soft spot for corundum. What could be more fantastic than beautiful rubies and sapphires?