Prospective master craftsman Mirco Galle at work (Top)
Cut layer stone with engraved crest and monogram (Bottom)

Cutting the precious stones -requires skill and composure. 

In spite of the loud whine of the saws used to cut the stones and the drone of the various cutting and polishing machines, the workshop has a tranquil, almost magical aura. It smells of wood, of metal and of dust from the stones, of oil, wax and spirits. Everywhere in the brightly-lit workshop the precious stones sparkle and glitter, as if trying to outshine one another. Turquoise-coloured Paraiba tourmalines, orange-coloured mandarin garnets, imperial topaz, rubellite, kunzite, fire opals and many more besides all appear to capture the light of the workshop and reflect it back. Over 100 different types of stone are gathered here, each with their own peculiarities and characteristics. 

Touring the workshop it is evident that everything here is focused on the realisation of the wishes of the customer: at the grinding wheel sits budding master craftsman Mirco Galle, cutting signet rings and the matching layer stone. “Each job order is different and each individual stone has its own particular character,” says Mirco Galle, “This is why the work is so incredibly varied and each day so exciting.” 

For over 30 years now Groh + Ripp has offered all of the work stages required, from the layer stone to the finished signet ring. In a painstaking procedure individual monograms, family crests and motifs of the customer’s own design are engraved into the layer stone, lapis, onyx or more unusual stone varieties such as sapphire, tourmaline or garnet, with the stones subsequently set in rings of different materials.

With the perfect cut the stone acquires an endless depth. No two glances at it are alike. 

In the workshops highly complex cutting tasks are also undertaken: the finest rubellite, aquamarine, peridots and golden beryl are cut into bangles, but also highly intricate, detailed pieces for different items of jewellery are created. 


Some complex projects shaped with the aid of CNC machines are given their final, laborious finish by hand in this department.