Alexander Allerborn

Alexander Allerborn, lapidary at work and right with two large aquamarine crystals

„I love the constant challenge of getting the best out of every gemstone.“

What is your dream job?
Lapidary, definitely. I found my dream job back in the year 2000, and I’ve been part of the team since then.

But you had such plans, didn’t you?
Yes, when I came from Kyrgyzstan, I still wanted to become a competitive athlete. I was a track and field athlete and, as a young talent, I’d already had my first sponsorship contracts in my home country. Then I came with my family to Idar-Oberstein and quickly became enthusiastic about the gemstone industry – after all, it’s all about top performance in this industry too.

How did you end up at Groh + Ripp?
I applied to several grinding shops and received a number of positive responses, including from Groh + Ripp. Since I have always strived to achieve top results, it quickly became clear to me that this the right place for me.

What do you appreciate most about the company?
At Groh + Ripp I have the opportunity to practice all the facets of my profession. Every gemstone is a new challenge. Furthermore, we are supported here in all respects, including now with the master school.

What makes you particularly happy?
The processing of gemstones is a real art for me. I always want to tease the best out of the crystal. I like the challenge, I'm a perfectionist. I also love to try something new, to test my abilities. I also enjoy working with tanzanite, which is the most demanding from the point of view of processing, but still pleasant to grind.